Message for The Month Of SEPTEMBER-2020

Jesus Says He is The prince of peace. As he says to  His disciples,and to all of Us. Since He is our constant Companion, His peace is steadfastly with all of us. When we keep our focus on Him,  We will experience both  His presence and His Peace . Jesus says worship Me as King of Kings , Lord of Lords, and Prince of Peace. 
Jesus Says one needs His peace each moment to accomplish His purposes in Life.Sometimes we are tempted to take shortcuts in order to reach our goal as quickly as possible. But if the shortcut requires turning on our back on His peaceful presence, we must choose the longer route . Walk with Jesus along the paths of peace : enjoy the journey in HIS mighty presence.
God Bless you all and keep you safe in this Pandemic.
Nidhi Robbins Simon
Bible Readi g : ISAIAH 9:6, JOHN 20:19-21, PSALM 25:4 

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