Message for the Month of October-2019

Dear Partners,
The Lord says YOU WILL NOT FIND MY PEACE by engaging in excessive planning, attempting to control what will happen to us in the future. This is a commonly practiced form of unbelief. When your mind spins with multiple plans, peace may sometimes seem to be within our grasp: yet it always eludes us, Just when we think we have prepared for all possibilities, something unexpected pops up and throws things into confusion.
The Lord says he did not design the human mind to figure out the future. That is beyond our capability. He crafted our mind for continual communication with Him. He asks us to bring all our needs, our hopes, and fears. He asks us to commit everything into His care. We should turn from the path of planning to the path of Peace…
Happy Reading and have a Blessed Month Ahead!
Note : Bible Reading : 1 PETER 5:6-7, PROVERBS 16:9, PSALM 37:5

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