I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE; all lasting Life emanates from Jesus. People search for life in many wrong ways: chasing after fleeting pleasures, accumulating possessions and wealth, trying to deny the inevitable effects of aging. Meanwhile, Jesus freely offers abundant Life to everyone who turns toward Him. As you come closer to Jesus and take His yoke upon you, He fills you with His very Life. This is how Jesus chooses to live in the world and accomplish His purposes. This is also how He blesses you with joy unspeakable and full of Glory. Jesus says The joy is mine, and the Glory is Mine: but He bestows them on you as you live in His presence, inviting Him to live fully in you…
Happy Reading. Have a Blessed Month ahead… God Bless you all.
Nidhi Robbins Simon
Note : Bible Reading : MATTHEW 11:28-29, 1 PETER 1: 8-9

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