Our Lord says FOCUS YOUR ENTIRE BEING on His living presence. Our Lord is most assuredly with all of us., enveloping us in His Love and Peace. While we all relax in His presence, God molds our mind and cleanse our heart. God is recreating us into the one He designed us to be. As we move stillness into the activities of our day, we do not relinquish our attentiveness to the Lord. If something troubles us we should speak to our Lord in prayers. When someone irritates us, we should not let our thoughts linger on that person’s faults. We need to gently nudge our minds towards our Lord. Every moment is precious if we keep our focus on the Lord. Any day can be a good day because of our Lord’s presence permeates all time.Note : Bible Readings : PSALM 89 : 15-16, 1JOHN 3:19-20, PSALM 41:12
Happy Reading!!!
Nidhi Robbins Simon

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