Message for the Month of DECEMBER-2020

That word abide is so important. When Jesus told us to obey these commandments and keep His word. He wasn’t telling us to follow a bunch of religious rules and regulations.
He was telling us to allow His word = which is a living thing! to make its home within us. He was telling us to spend time with it, to meditate on it, to fill our minds and our mouths with it. and to let it guide our every action.
The apostle Paul put it this way, ” Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly….” ( COL 3:16). Most believers don’t have any idea what that means. That’s one of the reasons they’re so short on power.
Many times, we have been in a desperate situation, wondering what we are going to do when suddenly, we would hear a scripture down on the inside of me. Suddenly, we would know exactly what the answer to our situation was. We would be delivered by the word of God that was dwelling in us.
So, we invite the Holy Spirit to work on our behalf. Just we need to keep telling Him, : Whatever we bring to His remembrance from the word is exactly what He is going to act on. We have to be obedient to every command of Jesus that we bring to our minds.
We should make a quality decision to abide in the Word. We will soon discover that the word is abiding in us.
God Bless you all in this Holy Month. 
Nidhi Robbins Simon

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